After a year out of the spotlight, your boy Ed Sheeran is back on the scene and being his usual mess-about self.

Hot on the heels of dropping two brand-spanking new singles, Ed has followed-up with their respective music videos; the first, for Castle on the Hill, is a serious trip down memory lane and will probably make you want to ring your childhood mates and go drink cider in the park.

So when the clip for Shape of You hit the ‘net last night, we were ready for another heart-tugging, emotion-pulling mini-movie and – for the first couple of minutes – that’s exactly what we got.

In one sentence, the story follows Ed as he starts training to be a boxer; he then falls madly in love with his female counterpart, and, when she leaves him without a single word, pushes himself to train even harder, better, faster and stronger.

(P.S. Ed is looking F.I.T. in this one, man. Phew.)

And then… Well, you’ll have to check it out for yourself. 


Deadset. Legend. 

And that’s not all; there’s a surprise addition, at 3:19, standing right behind Ed. 

Yes! It’s Macklemore!

Shape Of You video – watch it & then share it with your mates x

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Turns out the music video’s director, Jason Koenig, also directed Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s Downtown clip.

We’re still hoping for a weird, inter-music video crossover though.

Watch this space.

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