If a Tinder date is extremely rude, can you simply leave without paying or saying goodbye? Well, one bloke did exactly that. It’s a story that’s spread like wildfire on the web, and prompted the masses to have their say on the polarising scenario. 
The story centres around a young man, who after years of wimping out, he finally mustered up the courage to go on his first ever Tinder date. However, according to him, it became instantly clear that the young female was solely there for the free meal. And nothing more. 
Is this a common occurrence? According to the Tinder community, it most certainly is.
He went on to explain the following:
  • Not on one occasion did the woman look at him
  • She wore trackie pants
  • She responded with one-word answers 
The man subsequently excused himself, before fleeing the restaurant without paying or saying goodbye.
Is this fair play? Well that’s up to you. 
Will and Woody on their show went on to discuss other contentious things that can arise on dates. Listen to the podcast and hear one Woody’s embarrassing stories.  

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