Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been incredibly tight-lipped about the name of their daughter.

At first we thought she was named ‘Violet’, after a nurse at the hospital ‘spilled the beans’, but it seems that that wasn’t the case.

Now rumours of gender-neutral name(?) James are circulating, with (of course) no confirmation from the couple.

Of course, we know that they are more that entitled to their privacy, we just LOVE them and LOVE babies SO much that we just want to be able to picture and talk about her all the time!!!

So, why haven’t they spilled the beans on her name?

During an interview with Associated Press, Reynolds revealed that the reason for all the ‘hush hush’ is that they will be spared from the revenge of an outraged teenager at some point in the future.

“That little girl will grow up to be a teenager who will find out that I blurted her name out on national television and probably make me pay for it. She will exact her revenge in searing, psychic pain,” Reynolds said.


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