It’s been nine months since Sally Faulkner flew to Lebanon in a botched attempt to retrieve her children from her former husband, Ali Elamine.

Now, speaking exclusively to Kyle and Jackie O, Faulkner has opened up about the state of her relationship with her two children, both under six.

Sally revealed that her husband has been making out to Lebanese officials, and the media, that she has had regular contact with her children.

“It’s been reported that I have communication with my children, that is a lie.”

“I did not have and do not have any contact with them since I said goodbye to them in Beirut Playground in Lebanon.”


Before they were taken to Lebanon, Sally revealed she and Elamine were amicably co-parenting.

“When our relationship broke down, we decided I should live in Australia, and I had his consent to bring the children to live with me. You need that consent to take the children in Lebanon.”

“He was visiting every month or two, and people wonder how I could have let the children go with their father back to Lebanon, but when you speak to him, you learn he can be very convincing.”

Sally has set up a gofundme page in a bid to get her children back, please offer what you can if you’d like to help.

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