Last year, Julie Apicella was like every other proud mum as she took a photo of her daughter ready for the first day of school.

However, Julie’s daughter wasn’t your typical school girl.

You see Emily was in the middle of a three year battle that would eventually take her life.

Sadly, in December the 8-year-old lost her fight against the cancer that had taken over her kidney.

As other parents prepared for a new school year in the UK this month, Julie was left to contemplate the life that had been taken far too soon.

Posting a photo of Emily in 2015 and an empty room the following year, the mother shared her thoughts on Facebook.

“School photo time – obviously someone very special missing – my daughter Emily,” she wrote.


“Imagine if your school photo this year is the LAST you will ever be able to take and will just be a memory to remember.”

She goes on to ask her family and friends to help raise awareness of just how common childhood cancer can be.

“Nearly everyone on my list has children or family members and this could be your reality in the future 1 in 285 children will get A cancer diagnoses,” she said.

“Raising awareness of symptoms and that childhood cancer is not rare is the first hurdle to jump.”

The post has quickly gone viral with many jumping to help raise awareness by going gold for their Facebook profiles.


While Emily may be gone, her memory is still strong thanks to this mumma.

h/t Huffington Post

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