WARNING: Graphic content. Readers must be 18 years or older to view.

We all know grapefruits are good for us, what we didn’t know is how they could be used, you know, in other, more sexual ways…

According to an article on Australian Cosmopolitan, there is a new move in town that reigns supreme.

Auntie Angel’s grapefruit blow job is its name; and it was created by none other than sexpert Auntie Angel.

Basically, the technique is designed to provide maximum pleasure to him during oral, as it feels like receiving oral and having sex at the same time, as well as providing maximum, citrus-y taste to you.

The Auntie Angel grapefruit tutorial video is a little confronting to watch, so I’ll give you the basics in point from.

Step #1: Grab your grapefruit. Grapefruit is the preferred fruit for this activity as it is sweet, but navel oranges can be used as well.


Step #2: Make sure your grapefruit is room temperature, just by placing it in warm water. Then roll it. This juices it up a little, and as Auntie Angel says, “the juicier the better.”

Step #3: Find the navel of the grapefruit. There’ll be two – then cut both navels off.

Step #4: Using a knife, cut a hole through the grapefruit that’s rougly the size of your man’s penis. Not too big and not too small. Make sure you cut all the way through so there’s a hole. Don’t worry if it’s not right? Auntie Angel says if you cut it too big you can always squeeze down, replicating the muscles of your vagina, and if it’s too tight, you can always push the flesh back.

Step #5: Blindfold him, it’ll stop the questions about the grapefruit.

Step #6: Make sure he is, er… ready. As in, begin the oral.

Step #7: Once he’s ready, place his penis through the grapefruit and move it up and down as you continue oral.


Voila! Apparently grapefruiting is the BEST a man can get.

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