Kyle and Jackie O certainly get some strange calls from our listeners on a daily basis! And today was no exception.

During last calls, one of our listeners called us up to let us know that she’d managed to get out of a speeding ticket the night before.

But the reason why is not something you’d expect! And you’d have to be pretty gutsy to try it out…

“So I got out of a fine last night,” listener Nadia told us. “I was speeding and I got pulled over by the police.”

Nadia explained that she’d been having a bit of stomach trouble and before the officer made it to her window to talk to her she let one rip. And according to Nadia, it wasn’t a pleasant smell…

But instead of getting all embarrassed, she decided to go along with it and see if she could get some sympathy.

“As the police man was walking to the car I did a nervous fart and it really really stunk,” Nadia explained.


And when the officer asked her why she had been speeding, well, Nadia told him that she was in a rush to get home because she had pooped her pants!

“I go to him yeah I pooped my pants and that’s why I was speeding and I actually got out of the fine.”

We told you it was gutsy!

Listen to Nadia’s hilarious story in the video above!

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