Well Sydney guess what, the search is over! Our KIIS neon sign has been FOUND after it was brazenly stolen from Kings Cross last week!

In case you missed all the drama, our neon sign, worth THOUSANDS of dollars, was used as a prop at our Bachelor Premiere Party at the Potts Point hotel last Tuesday night.

As the event was being packed up the sign was placed in the loading zone and was left unattended.

During this time, someone walking past picked up the sign and walked off with it! All that was left was the footage of the whole thing taking place on the security cameras.

It’s safe to say that when Kyle found out about the theft, he was FURIOUS! And thus lasted our thorough investigation, including a call for help to the good people at Crime Stoppers.

In the end, we decided to leave it up to the police to do what they do best and handle this one for us.

And well, less than a week later we received the good news today that our sign had been returned in perfect condition! So we decided to send our own Intern Pete to the police station to pick it up.


“Someone has dropped off the KIIS sign to the Kings Cross police station!” Intern Pete told us this morning. “It seems to be good. There’s nothing broken or anything like that.”

We then spoke with the Commander Superintendant Paul Carrett to get some more information on how the sign was recovered.

“It was very good police work by our guys,” Commander Carrett told us. “As you say, there was some CCTV footage of the sign getting stolen and our very good police that we have here at Kings Cross recognised the male person who took the sign.

“Police had interacted with this person not long prior to him stealing your sign so we were able to match the clothing and good old police work and we were able to track that male person down.”

Commander Carrett told us that they later found the sign at the accused’s house!

And now our sign is safe and back at home in the KIIS offices! Hallelujah!


A massive thank you to the NSW police who assisted in recovering our sign!

KIIS 1065 Sydney