When it comes to Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, there’s one thing that Kyle’s always wanted to know… Did he or didn’t he poop his pants at Engadine McDonald’s over 20 years ago?

In case you don’t know the story going around, there’s rumours that our PM literally shat his pants following the Cronulla Sharks grand final loss in 1997. But of course it’s always been just that, a rumour.

While Kyle is not afraid to ask ScoMo about the incident himself, unfortunately our PM refused to come on the Kyle and Jackie O show for an interview… unsurprising really seeing as we’re not likely to chat bout politics.

But anyway, Kyle heard word that ScoMo was planning to join another show on our station, Will and Woody for the drive home! So he decided to call up the boys and tell them to ask Scotty from Marketing about the incident.

“I told Will and Woody, I knew they were getting him on and I said if possible, bring up the Engadine McDonald’s where he shat himself. Bring it up because that’s the only thing I really want to ask ScoMo,” Kyle said this morning. “Did you sh*t yourself or not?”

Will and Woody weren’t too keen to piss off the Prime Minister, but things changed when he actually joined them on air. ScoMo actually took a cheeky jab and Woody over his dating game and so at the end of the interview, Woody decided to go ahead with Kyle’s request.

“I think it’s time for me to get you back Mr Prime Minister, you had a swipe at me before about being unsuccessful in the dating game,” Woody began. “Mr Morrison, What did happen at Engadine McDonald’s in the 90s?”


ScoMo immediately burst out laughing but he didn’t shy away from answering!

“That is the biggest load of rubbish that thing,” he laughed. “I must admit I’ve been constantly amused by how something like that goes viral. I sometimes joke with my staff, not that we can do it at the moment, ‘do you want to pop into Engadine Maccas?, just for a laugh.

“I’ve got no idea where it came from!”

So ScoMo is denying that it happened but at least he has a good sense of humour about it. He even joked that next time he comes on the show he might just broadcast from Engadine Maccas!

Hilarious! And Kyle was certainly impressed that ol’ ScoMo was willing to have a bit of fun!

Hear the full chat in the podcast below!


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