Too risqué for Kyle and Jackie O? You wouldn’t think there would even be such a thing on the radio show that loves to push the envelope!

We’re the home of naked dating, we’ve put grandmothers in the bath with their granddaughter’s boyfriends, and not to mention all of the things we’ve had Intern Pete do over the years.

So when we say that something is too risqué for us, you know that we really mean it!

And this came to light this morning as Kyle and Jackie O revealed their latest rejected segment ideas.

Basically it’s all of the games or competitions that we’ve come up with in the past that have never actually made it to air because we either deemed them to be too inapropriate or the idea was shut down by the legal department!

Among the list today was one that Jackie rejected as it involved us going on the hunt for Sydney’s loudest farter!

Basically we would bring people in studio and see who could make the loudest fart… Understandable why Jackie pushed back on that idea, don’t you think!


One that we thought actually sounded SO good was an idea from Jackie called ‘Win Anything From Kyle’s House’ which basically explains itself.

A chosen person would get 30 seconds to run around Kyle’s house and grab items and whatever they managed to grab in that time they would get to take home!

Kyle of course was 100% NOT on board though!

“What if they took the Vera Wang plate set?!” he exclaimed. “I’d be beside myself.”

Another idea that Kyle was very supportive of though was of course one that he thought of himself called ‘Sell Jackie’s Bath Water’… Of course.

Basically it’s safe to say that none of these segments are EVER going to become part of our show, but it’s certainly fun to laugh about what it would be like if they did!


Hear all of our rejected segment ideas in the podcast below!

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