You might remember last month a TikTok star went viral for starting what she called the ‘coronavirus challenge’ as she filmed herself licking an airplane toilet seat and posted the video to the social media platform.

22-year-old influencer from Miama, Ava Louise, filmed herself crouching down in front of the toilet seat on a plane before licking it and giving a peace sign, with the caption reading “coronavirus challenge”.

Of course, the video immediately attracted comments from people absolutely SLAMMING Ava, and rightfully so, as she seemed to be making fun of a serious situation and encouraged others to try it the “challenge” too.

But now Ava has spoken out in defence of herself, joining the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to explain what actually happened when she filmed the video.


Now, Kyle reckons this was like the “interview of the decade”. But we have to say, we’ve never heard someone sound so ridiculous when it comes to speaking about a global pandemic. So we apologise in advance for this…

Ava told us that she didn’t think it was as bad of a video as everyone was making it out to be because she wasn’t actually on a public plane. She took the video on a private jet after disinfecting the seat.

Oh also we should mention the private jet was her 83-year-old “sugar daddy’s” and he was flying her and her friends to Spring Break at the time… Even thought the coronavirus pandemic was happening.

As for why she actually made the decision to film herself licking a toilet set and post it in the first place, Ava said that it was because she just wanted to get Insta famous.

“I honestly wanted to get verified on Instagram and I wanted to promote my song,” she said. “And I just thought like, I need more news articles to get verified and also, like my song was going viral on TikTok and I just wanted people to google me and listen to it.”

“I was like, I’ll just make money off of it,” Ava continued. “Like whatever, if I have to sacfrifice my dignity a little bit I don’t care, I do that all the time in private. We all do. Like I’ll just do it, I don’t care.”



Jackie being a mum of a young daughter who’s obsessed with TikTok said she was concerned that videos like this would encourage younger people on the app to do something similar, maybe without realising and that this was dangerous.

But Ava didn’t really agree…

“Even I was worried that there’d be nine-year-old’s copying what you’re doing and thinking it’s cool,” Jackie said.

“No one copied it, literally the other kid that copied it is literally my best friend and he wanted to get verified too,” Ava replied. “It’s not actually a challenge… No one’s copying it.”


“I was just trying to make the media upset and I did. I wasn’t trying to make a challenge. I knew no one was going to copy me.”

So anyway after filming the video and then going wild at spring break, in a full turn of events Ava now thinks that she actually has the coronavirus.

But in the most ignorant statement that we’ve probably ever heard, she told us that she doesn’t care because it will probably make her skinny.

“I think I have corona,” she said with a laugh. “I think I do.. People are going to say it’s karma for licking a toilet seat but honestly it’s fine like, I’ll just get really skinny from it.

“I’ll be fine but I’ve been feeling a little off. I have corona, whatever… I definitely have corona but I’ll just like lose 15 pounds… It’s just going to be like getting lipo without actually having to get lipo.”

Wow. We can’t even.


But if you want to hear more, you can listen to our full chat in the podcast below!

Seriously though, please don’t go around licking toilet seats. And please have a little more respect for what the world is going through at the moment… Learn from this girl’s mistakes.

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