Some say Mark was in the perfect position, having his choice of the beautiful Tiffany and Milica.

So when both ladies came in studio this morning, we were so curious to see who our Fatchelor would choose to accompany him to Fiji.

After describing his feelings, the Fatchelor revealed that ever since Milica sang to him, she had his heart! So it was goodbye to Tiffany.


Mark handed over his chocolate Roses, and we thought we had our happy ending.

However, it was not to be the fairytale romance we had hoped for. Shortly after being chosen, Milica broke down, and we put her back on air.

She revealed that she “loved him” and thought of him as a “great friend” but that there wouldn’t be a relationship from her side of things.

Mark was devastated, and so were we. With that, we brought Tiffany back in studio, and Mark had to ask her if, even though she was the runner-up, she wanted to accompany him to Fiji.


Despite what everyone thought, she agreed! We wish the two of them every happiness and hope they can find a way to make it work!

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