We’ve heard before that cast members on Married At First Sight get paid next to nothing for going on the reality show.

In fact, it’s not really a pay cheque as much as a daily allowance, despite the fact that they have to take time out of their day jobs to do it.

But it’s all meant to be worth it for the chance at finding love down the end of the aisle… Right?

Well TBH, it doesn’t usually work out this way for a LOT of the cast members. One person who had a particularly bad experience was none other than returnee bride Elizabeth Sobinoff from the last season of MAFS.

We don’t think we have to remind you what a shocking time she had last year while matched up with a cheating husband who bailed on her multiple times, Sam Ball. We still have flashbacks of strawberries and nutella…


So if the pay is so crumby and she had an awful first experience, why would Lizzie agree to do the show again? Well it turns out she might have actually been given a very impressive pay packet this time around.

In fact, sources claim that it’s so much money that the other MAFS cast members got pretty annoyed about her preferential treatment.

“”Lizzie was paid a whopping fee of $100,000 for her four-week appearance on the new season, while the rest of the cast received just $150 per day,” a source reportedly told New Idea.

Yep, no wonder they were furious!

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In fact, fellow MAFS bride Mishel claims that Lizzie got “first class” treatment by all of the production staff while the rest of them were treated like “third class”.

“She didn’t do it like us. She did it in first class while we did it in third class… No, the luggage area of the plane,” Mishel reportedly told WHO Magazine.

“She’s fake,” Mishel continued to say of Lizzie. “She was in it for fame. Like, no one would ever endure this twice. If you had sanity, would you go through the whole experiment as we went through again?” she asked, adding that Liz just “wants to be Insta famous, she wants an extra 150 not 150, 000 followers.”

TBH we have no idea whether there’s any truth to that figure that Liz was apparently paid but if someone wanted to offer us $100K we’d probably put on a wedding gown, walk down that aisle and marry a stranger at the drop of a hat too!


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