We’ve all been there; your usual hairdresser’s just not cutting it anymore (pun intended), the barista at the coffee shop you’ve been going to for years has started burning your soy latte, or the gardener just isn’t keeping your garden in tip top shape like they used to.

So what do you do when you’re in a position that’s forcing you to break up with a business you’ve used for years?

The usual, it’s not you it’s me doesn’t really cut it in these situations and so often we find ourselves making up elaborate lies or exaggerated stories to tell them to soften the blow.

One of our listeners, Clarissa found herself in this sticky situation. She’d been going to the same hairdresser for years and spent so much time there that she’d formed a friendship with the lady primping her locks.

And so when the time came to book someone in to do her wedding hair, Clarissa booked in with her usual hairdresser without hesitation. However, she soon realised that while the lady at the salon was good at colouring and trimming her hair, her styling skills were only so-so.

Of course, no hairdo could be more important than the one for your wedding day and so Clarissa knew that she had to bite the bullet and break-up with her hairdresser. But how?

This is where we came in. Clarissa called up the Kyle and Jackie O Show for advice and we asked our listeners what they would do in a similar situation.


And well, it turns out our listeners have gone to some pretty insane lengths to break up with a business!

Listen to the hilarious stories in the video above!

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