Introducing the Doona Mate. Your new best friend in the bedroom!

Are you constantly tired and under-slept? Does your partner pull the doona off you in the middle of the night? Leaving you wide awake and freezing cold? Well, you’re not the only person with the same problem. In fact, millions of Australians lose vital sack time every year, as a direct result of “doona hogging”.

In a recent study, we found that 72% of all relationships have at least one person who hogs the doona. And and average of 3.2 hours of sleep a night is lost by those dating doona hogs. These are damning statistics, but luckily for you, there is a solution!

The Doona Mate is guaranteed to get you back snoozing and on your way to a perfect night’s sleep. Watch the infomercial to see how it works!


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