There’s a new podcast on the streets and it’s a little bit naughty but very, very nice.

The Good Bits podcast by Carol Battle and Siobhan Fitzgerald is an erotic audio drama.

Yeah you heard me, an Erotic.Audio.Drama, so this podcast is for you, yourself and…. well, just you.

So what do they do? They take ‘the good bits’ from best selling novels and retell them to ‘inspire your desire.’

Featuring stories by women and for women, the podcast wants to encourage sex positivity by interweaving fun, erotic scenes from popular authors with sex positive messages from thought-leaders.

“We believe sex can be fun and flirty, seductive and slutty, romantic and indulgent—but it can still wear a fabulous dress that leaves something to the imagination,” their website reads.

So, if you want to learn a little something about your mind and body, have a little giggle and maybe be inspired in the bedroom, this is the podcast that provides all the above.


Catch The Good Bits now on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts, or just listen below!


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