A 30-year-old mum from Sydney is quickly gaining popularity online, simply by telling it how it is. 

While at a quick glimpse her Instagram account could rival any top fashion blogger, with its glamorous snaps, if you delve a bit deeper, Racehelle Rowlings, is a breath of fresh air.

The hilarious mum of one set out to show her friends and now mothers everywhere what parenting is really like. Her witty captions contradict the picture perfect snaps she posts.

Assailant: Toast 🍞 Last Seen: Commanders Throat Witness: Shit her pants 💩 Witness Statement: It all happened so quick! One moment we’re both in our underwear sharing toast intermittently interpretive dancing to Alvin & the Chipmunks, next minute I’m having a tug of war with Roman’s tonsils 🕵🏼‍♀️I completely spazzed out which in turn made him spazz out which made the dog spazz out & all in all we were one fried brain cell off checking into the funny farm 🔫 In my ‘that’s it I’ve killed the kid’ moment I blamed everyone but myself – ‘Use your 2 teeth more effectively Roman!’ ‘The f*ing toaster toasted too well!’ ‘Did the baker over bake this loaf?!’ ‘How dare Grandma take her elderly parents grocery shopping this morning.’ 🤔 Outcome – I will now chew all of Commanders food and regurgitate it back to him 👍🏼👶🏼🐥 #comeandvisit #illchewyourfoodtoo #tweettweet

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One post read: “To dear people without children… I used to be on of you. I remember it well; replying to texts promptly, weeing freely, eating with utensils, impatiently waiting for tea to cool, questioning if there even was a 4am, wondering if it was boredom or hunger, phrases such as ‘I swear I’ve never ever been this tired’ & ‘I d’t know what do you want to do?,” 

Today I had a choice 💭I could let a bad haircut, a community of ants, an anal gland leaking dog, a blocked drain & a nocturnal Lord Commander defeat me; pour myself some draino & cheers to a great 30 years 🍻OR; I could throw a ridiculous ‘I couldn’t afford the jumper’ Gucci beanie on my mullet & get the f*** on with it 💁🏼However: If I ever hear someone say ‘they didn’t say it was easy, but it sure is worth it’ – I’ll cut them 🔪That definitely applies to the kid 👼🏼 (besides when he gnaws the paint off his highchair) but it does not apply to scrubbing anal gland leak, lamb & quinoa purée & my tears off the ‘one day I’ll be an interior stylist’ couch cushions 🙎🏼Here’s a big middle finger Tuesday, Wednesday better have something shiny, carby or fashiony involved or you can find me burrowing underground until he’s older, I’m thinner & Kim K returns to Instagram 👋🏼#howsthecommandersface #notdigginghisoutfit #butitmatchedmybeanie #sooooo #mumforthewin #farshun

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“Please be aware that when I’m not responding to your text, I’m being pinned to the ground by a chubby minor or used as a human ladder. When I don’t pick up the phone it’s most likely that I’m scrubbing hardened poo from my fingernails,” she continued.


“If I miss evening drinks then I’ve fallen asleep on myself on the toilet and if you feel our friendship is slipping, remember that for 97% of the day I am either covered in vomit, regurgitated fruits or my own milk.” C

Ms Rowlings told the Daily Mail the idea first came to her when was crippled with morning sickness. 

She said she thought there must be millions of other mums going through what she was, but when she looked online all she could see was pretty, filtered pictures and similar captions about the experience. 

“By the time I had Roman, I was absolutely miserable, even though people were telling me I was in for the best time of my life.

“No one tells you that you won’t leave the house for six weeks after they’re born, or that your boobs are rock hard and you’ll be up every night,” she told the Daily Mail

So like that, her Instagram profile was born and the followers came flooding in. She says the most amazing thing about the page has been the feedback from other mums. 


“The best bit of it all is when other young mothers get in touch via my inbox and say thank you. 

“Mums feel like they need to live up to all of these expectations all of the time, but they shouldn’t worry about struggling behind the scenes,” she said.  

If you’re looking for a giggle check her page out here


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