5 Seconds of Summer started out as a group of high school friends jamming together in the outskirts of Sydney but just a few years on they’ve managed to become one of the biggest boy bands across the world at the moment.

Not only have they created some absolute bangers, with their single ‘Young Blood’ sitting at number one on the charts at the moment, but they’re also some of the nicest guys and not to mention easy on the eyes, so it’s no wonder that they’ve managed to generate a massive fan base.

Two girls who would likely argue that they’re 5SOS’ biggest fans are 19-year-old Emily and 20-year-old Makaela; The girls proved as much by purchasing tickets to all of the 5SOS shows that they could possibly get their hands on!

And so Kyle and Jackie O, along with a little help from Luke and Ashton from the band, decided to treat the dedicated fans to one MAJOR surprise.

Emily and Makaela thought that they were coming into the studio to speak to Luke and Ashton over the phone. And might we add that the girls are so obsessed that they travelled to our Sydney studio all the way from Rockhampton in Queensland, just to ask the boys a question!


But what they didn’t know was that we actually had Luke and Ashton in the building hiding out in one of our recording studios!

Check out the video above to see the incredible reaction from the girls when Luke and Ashton burst into the Kyle and Jackie O studio! Let’s just say that there were a few tears involved!

The boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer are currently in Oz for their 5SOS3 tour. For all tour information check out their website here.

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