This year’s The Block is beginning to heat up.. over a brick wall.

Two couples have been best mates this year, Kim and Chris and Julia and Sasha but a fiery showdown on Monday night’s episode has seen the relationship crumble.

It all happened over what has now been called ‘wall gate’’ and it comes down to the girl decision to focus on their apartment rather than their friendship.

“A long story cut short, Chris was over at their apartment one day and noticed one of the (outside) walls was taller than it needed to be,” Kim explained. “He suggested they talk to foreman Keith about reducing it and he said yes.”


It’s left the girls with amazing views of Melbourne from their terrace. When Kim and Chris asked if they could do the same, the girls said ‘’no, because it’s competition. We were so, so shocked.”

Chris was left devastated as he thought the couples were getting along really well.

“Disappointed is probably the world I’d use,” he said.

“I could see a lifelong friendship with the girls and we were close, especially with Sasha. We considered it pretty ruthless.

“I’d been helping them. I helped put their bed together and get one of their rooms ready for reveal, which shows we weren’t there to win at any cost like some others. We were there to have a good time and hope that everyone got a good result.”

The fallout was so bad that a production source has said that the couple has not talked since that moment.


Julie and Sasha have said though that they still loved their time on The Block despite the arguments.

“They didn’t impact our time. Once they made the decision that is was just a competition for them, we steered clear of them and went about our business and built our amazing apartment.” The Block continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Nine.

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