It’s been an emotional rollercoaster that has pushed her to breaking point at many points during the process.

But The Block’s Julia has hit her limit again, and on Tuesday night, we saw her lashing out verbal abuse at partner, Sasha, 43.

After the couple had started to argue about their failure to order a splashback for their butler’s pantry, the 31-year-old property stylist was heard firing expletives at Sasha, saying ‘’F**k off…you’re a c**t!’

Tempers had already been rising at the start of the episode for the Melbourne couple as challenge day got underway in kitchen week.


Each couple had to build their table for their terrace, with the winning team getting $5,000 cash from sponsor McCafe.

Sasha was left to oversee the design, while partner Julia went away to source the table’s decor.

With Julia eventually returning to the work site, Sasha felt her partner was not doing a lot; it ended up in Julia snapping saying Julia, feeling as if she was being targeted, snapped at Sasha: ‘Please stop speaking to me like that.’

Storming off the site, she continued her rant direct to camera: ‘She’s quick to jump the shark.’

And then we got to the splashback, a simple decision which has overlooked early on during kitchen week.

The couple now has to come up with Plan B to ensure they don’t get bad scores for the week.


The Block continues at 7:30 PM tonight on Channel 9.

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