The Golden Globes, which take place today in Hollywood, will take the time to honour recent celebrities who have passed away.

However, there will not be an ‘In Memoriam’ section paying tribute to the those who died in 2016, but there is something planned following the recent deaths of both Carrie Fisher and five-time nominee Debbie Reynolds.

“We have not done an ‘In Memoriam’ on the Golden Globes. Those things are handled well by the Oscars and the Screen Actors Guild,” producer Barry Adelman told PEOPLE magazine.

“But we do realise there were some special circumstances of very recent nature that happened, and I think we’ll be acknowledging that.”

There has been no information on how the deaths will be honoured.

The Golden Globes will minor acting in film and TV across 25 categories on Monday afternoon (AEDT), with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon hosting the awards.