We’ve binge watched our way through The Big Bang theory enough over the years to feel like we know the characters inside and out. 

Yet somehow this HUGE piece of information about Leonard Hofstadter (aka the loveable Johnny Galecki) has alluded us… until now. 

Get ready, fans…

Leonard’s glasses have no lenses. 

How did we miss that!? 


Galecki confirmed the news to The Huffington Post in a recent interview. 

“Oh, man. You’re killing the magic,” Galecki told The Huffington Post.

“We rehearsed the first episode for about a week and a half, and when we started to shoot, they said, ‘Well, you’re gonna take your glasses off, right?’ I said, ‘No, I want Leonard to wear glasses.’ They said, ‘Oh, we just thought you were wearing them as Johnny for rehearsal all week.’”

It all began when Galecki was doing scene work with co-worker Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon).

When they were filming, the glass in the rims would often catch the light when the much shorter Johnny had to look up to speak to Parsons. 


So to keep with his vision of the nerdy Leonard having glasses, he simple popped the lenses out. 

“I quickly popped out the lenses and that’s the movie magic behind that,” he said. 

Although he does recall one instance where the movie magic was shattered… 

Johnny apparently was in the middle of a scene when he put his finger through the empty glasses frame to scratch his eye, which he said “killed the moment”. 

As for the future of one of our favourite shows? 

While there’s been speculation that season 10 would be the last, Galecki said he expects the show to continue on for at least another season. 


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