The Bachelor hopefully Keira Maguire has been compared to someone just as stunning.

Lara Bingle.

Just not in the positive way she would wish.

One image, which has gained more than 8,000 likes on the Bachelor Memes Facebook pages has described Keira as the ‘poor man’s Lara Bingle.’

The meme shows Keira in one of her promotional shots alongside the red carpet picture of Lara.

They both have a golden tan and their short bobs are tousled around their ace.

Of course, it didn’t end there for Keira with another meme showing Keira just sitting back on a chair at the Bachelor mansion.


Keira, on Wednesday night, was getting increasingly frustrated by the cocktail party and was heard saying ‘bed, bed, bed’ and so this is the highlight of the meme.. just then below her is a lizard.

She isn’t gaining many fans, either with Twitter laying Keira, with one user saying ‘’’What’s with wannabe Lara Bingle? Hence forth, I shall call you #Kringle. Good luck with your obvious role on this year’s #TheBachelorAU’

While she may be getting bored and be a little bitchy… Keira is still in the show having gone for a group date with Bachelor Richie last night.

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