Any sort of break up is tough, let alone one in the spotlight.

The nation was shocked to hear news that The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod had broken up just a few weeks after their relationship was made public, and now it seems Chelsie is opening up about the reality of a reality TV break up.

While it can’t be easy to constantly be reading their names in the headlines, the tough part would certainly be dealing with being bombarded by the paparazzi.

Chelsie has taken to her Instagram story to give her followers a small taste of how intense it can actually get.

In the first story, Chelsie takes a selfie style video with a big smile on her face. Her caption however read, “forced pap smile” indicating that she’s having to put on a fake smile while out and about so she isn’t papped looking upset or downcast.


She then posted a video of her walking through what looked like a shopping centre, showing people photographing her with big cameras.

“FML,” she wrote on the story while she can be heard in the background saying, “oh no there’s more”.

You can also hear the constant click of the pap’s camera going in the background, as they continue to photograph her even as she approaches incredibly close to them.

One of the paps eventually stops taking photos and asks Chelsie, “you get a good video?”, ironically seeming upset that she had been filming him.

“Yep, you get some good photos?” she replies.

It’s a harsh reminder that these are real people with real feelings, not just people that we spent a few weeks watching on our screens. No doubt the break up is tough enough without involvement from the public.


Announcing their break up over the weekend, Matt and Chelsie both posted about the news on their Instagram accounts, saying that their relationship just didn’t translate into the real world.

“Please remember to be kind online as you don’t know what is going on behind the screen,” Chelsie added in her post.

Our most recent Bachelorette Angie Kent also commented on Chelsie and Matt’s breakup while on Have You Been Paying Attention last night, explaining that it truly is tough to make your relationship work in these circumstances.

“Once you get out of the Bachie bubble, it’s up to you then to kind of create a connection and see how it goes and it’s hardcore,” she said.


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