Looks like Cass Wood can’t get enough of the Cummins boys. 

She was painted as this season’s ‘stage five clinger’ on the TV show after it was revealed that she and Nick had already hooked up in the past. 

But now it seems the 23 year old has moved on… to Nick’s younger brother, Jacob. 

Plot twist much? 

After leaving the mansion Jacob allegedly was a shoulder to cry on for Cass as she got over her intense feelings for Nick. 


But lo and behold romance is said to have blossomed. 

(Alright Women’s Day might have broken the news but we really hope this one is true).

Considering the pair have been on an Insta ‘liking’ spree on each other’s pages there’s definitely something going on. 

“It started off as a friendship and things could well have blossomed,” a friend shared with the magazine.

“They’re waiting for all the show’s hype to die down before they make any announcement on the status of their relationship, but Nick couldn’t be happier for them.”

Of course Jacob appeared briefly in this season of the Bachelor where he let on that Cass wasn’t a first time acquaintance. 


“I met Cass about a year ago,” Jacob said.

“She was up for the summer, on the Gold Coast, and we went surfing with Nick and we had a few yarns, a few beers.”

Wonder if Jacob got any mentions in all of Cass’s diary entries.

She wanted to manifest having Cummins as a last name… maybe she was just looking in the wrong places. 

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