Has everyone been enjoying the weight off their shoulders that is the end of Locky’s season of The Bachelor?

I feel like I can breathe easier, the air is crisper… you know?

However the sister’s Elly and Becky’s season of The Bachelorette is starting this Wednesday so it”s not much of a breather.

According to the So Dramatic! Podcast, the sisters were not allowed to use their phones at all during production because of how much Locky messed up the latest season.

You might be thinking… ‘duh,’ but in actual fact normally The Bachelor and Bachelorette ARE allowed to keep their phones during filming, it’s the contestants that are not allowed.


According to ‘So Dramatic!’ the reason for the change of rules this year is because of Locky, who spent a lot of his season sliding into other women’s DMs….

Social Media Influencer Claire Lucinda told the podcast that “he was asking for my Snapchat, he was DMing me every single day,” so it’s no wonder the rules have changed.

But why do I think that the show won’t have the same problem with Elly and Becky…

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