Sam may never find out your REAL career Michael (real estate agent or ‘professional’ footballer???) but once she hears about THIS, you’re doomed. 

In an interview that took place earlier this year, The Bachelorette’s top three finalist Michael Turnbull, said he wants a ‘trophy wife’ who had no desire to chase her own professional career. 

According to OK! Magazine, the 34-year-old professional footballer told a New Zealand publication that he was searching for a ‘trophy wife’ and that he was ‘not high maintenance’. 

‘Say my girlfriend wants to move away with me, she’ll have to rely on my income and then she’s like “I don’t want to take your money. I want to earn my own and do that whole independant women thing” so that’s a problem’ said Michael (in the interview). 

Not sure about you guys, but I have a feeling Sam will HATE that. 

Sam is definitely an independent young woman, who will now have a strong media presence thanks her roles in two seasons of reality TV shows. Her future career prospects are looking very bright. 

This statement comes just weeks after former contestant David Witko accused Sam Frost of being materialistic. 


Source: Dailymail

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