Channel 10 have revealed their future plans for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and it’s going to make things VERY different… 

The success of The Bachelorette was unprecedented following a very popular season of The Bachelor

In fact, Sam Frost and her bachelors increased the giant ratings already achieved by The Bachelor! 

Stephen Tate, Ten’s Head of Entertainment and Factual Programs said “Throughout the world The Bachelorette series haven’t rated as well as The Bachelor. I think producers around the world will be looking at the way Australia has done it as it’s been very successful for us.” 

The first change to take place next year will be to extend the season of The Bachelorette. This season was only five weeks long. 

Another addition for next year will be the After The Final Rose special which has been popular in the US. 

Furthermore, Ten are also considering a Bachelor spin off. They’re looking at anything from Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise. 


One thing that’ll definitely remain the same is Osher.. and his hair (thank goodness!). 

“Osher (Gunsberg) is one of the most capable hosts live and we definitely want to do that next year” Tate said. 

Tonight, three will become two and thursday the winner will be revealed! 



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