Todd King is the man who was presented as Ali Oetjen’s ‘Knight In Shining Armour’ during the first episode of this season’s The Bachelorette Australia.

And now it’s seriously starting to look like he might actually win Ali’s heart in the season finale that will take place later this week after an accidental hint may have been dropped on Instagram.

Did Todd King Just Accidentally Reveal That He Wins Ali’s Heart On The Bachelorette?

Some eagle-eyed fans of the show have noticed that the 26-year-old just recently updated the biography section of his Instagram account and one very specific detail might just be a hint that he ends up with Ali in the end.

Todd’s bio now professes that he’s a “Dog Dad” from “Perth, WA”, part of “@bacheloretteau ’18″ and now just recently, a “wannabe athlete”.


During this season, the blonde bombshell has made it incredibly apparent that she’s all about that healthy lifestyle and is looking for a partner who shares this love of fitness and health.

Before this series even began airing on TV, Ali came into the Kyle and Jackie O show and she told us that she was looking for a man who she could share her love of health and fitness with.

“I want someone that shares a healthy lifestyle with me,” she admitted.


As Ali continued to list of the attributes she was searching for in the mansion, our mind kept ticking them off as things that link to the kind and gentle Todd.

“I want someone that has strong family values, that is looking to start their own family. I’m looking for someone that is kind, caring, someone that’s a true gentleman.”

So could this all be a major hint that Todd is the one that Ali chooses in what is due to be an explosive finale? While the other two men still in the running also mention fitness in their bios, it certainly is odd timing that Todd would add this to his just DAYS before the chosen man is revealed!

But in saying that, a recent promo for this week’s final two episodes appears to show a rather tense moment between Todd and Ali, as he reveals that he has to drop a bombshell.

“I need to tell Ali something that she really needs to know about,” Todd is heard saying, while Ali is shown looking quite concerned.


Of course, the last time a Bombshell was teased was on Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, when it was revealed that Brooke Blurton had dated women in the past (and it was a bit like, okay? So what?).

So will this bombshell derail his relationship with Ali or is it something that’s being hyped up like Brooke’s reveal?

We guess only time will tell!

Bill Goldsmith, 31, Taite Radley, 31 and Todd are the final three left fighting it out for Ali’s heart!

The season finale, which has been teased as something seriously dramatic, airs on Thursday this week at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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