Our resident party boy Nathan left the Bachelorette mansion quite abruptly last night after being called out for gossiping about Ali Oetjen, but there’s already rumours spreading that his absence won’t last all too long.

In case you missed the drama that unfolded on the episode last night, this season’s stage five clinger (AKA the new Jarrod Woodgate) Charlie told Ali that Nathan had been talking about the rumours that Ali had allegedly cheated on her ex-partner from Bachelor In Paradise, Grant Kemp.

Ali confronted Nathan and as a result he was left without a rose and asked to leave the mansion. But rumours quickly began spreading that he would attempt to make a comeback to the show in a bid to get a second chance at winning Ali’s heart.

Nathan Addresses Rumours He Makes A Shock Return To The Bachelorette 

Nathan appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning where they asked him straight out about the rumours.

“There’s rumours you’re going back on the show. Is that true?” asked Jackie.

“Oh well there you go,” scoffed Nathan before adding, “who’s been talking about rumours again.”


While Nathan didn’t exactly say no, we got the feeling that he definitely wasn’t returning to the show. And if for some reason we felt the wrong vibes and he DOES return, we’re assuming it doesn’t work out in his favour because Nathan went on to say that he’s definitely single right now.

“I’m single and ready to mingle, again,” continued Nathan. So form an orderly line ladies if you’re after a party boy who probably lives by the saying, “Saturday’s are for the boys”… no takers?

So if Nathan definitely doesn’t fight for a second chance with Ali Oetjen, then who does he predict will win? Well Nathan gave us his insider perspective, saying he thinks that Charlie has a good shot but ultimately he thinks it will be another frontrunner at the end.

“If I wanted anyone on that show to win it would definitely be Bill,” said Nathan. “He’s a really good dude.”

In case you missed ep. one, Bill is the one who won the special rose that allows him to steal a single date from someone else. And TBH we’re with Nathan on this one! Bill’s an absolute sweetheart.


Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette continues on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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