Well Ali Oetjen called it when she spoke with us yesterday.

While speaking with Jackie and Beau Ryan about the alleged cheating scandal between her and her ex from Bachelor in Paradise Grant Kemp, Ali said that Grant would never let this go and would continue to come after her.

“You can expect him to come up again because it’s written all over what he’s been doing,” said Ali on Wednesday.

And well, just hours later, this is exactly what had happened and Grant had come forward with further information about the night that Ali allegedly cheated on him while in America earlier this year.

Grant Kemp Releases EXPLOSIVE Text Exchange Between Him And Ali Oetjen From The Night She Allegedly Cheated

You may remember when the news of Ali allegedly cheating on Grant first came to light after Grant made some seriously graphic and detailed claims on the Kyle and Jackie O show, that he said he had proof in a message exchange between himself and our new Bachelorette.


And well, Grant has now come forward and exposed these explosive text messages that are reportedly between Grant and Ali straight after the alleged cheating incident, where Grant claims he walked in on Ali with one of his friends in his own home, back in March this year.

In the bombshell message exchange, the person alleged to be Ali begs for forgiveness while the person said to be Grant refuses to accept any sort of apology.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Grant said that he felt compelled to give proof that Ali had cheated on him and this was why the text exchange has been made public.

“I’m just trying to get this story out so that people understand that, you know, that did happen,” said Grant. “I’m not going to let it go until people understand that she did what she did.

“The only reason this started was because she put out that fake article about me,” he continued.

“I would not have made this a thing. Nobody would have known. I would’ve left it alone.”


In the explosive messages that appear to verify Grant’s claims, Grant has allegedly kicked Ali out of his house after supposedly catching her in the act, and she is allegedly begging him to take her back.

Jackie read the messages out on air: (The messages written in bold are those allegedly from Ali)

“She’s saying to him, ‘Can we please talk tonight or tomorrow please’, and then he responds, ‘F***ing stop. I’m not seeing you before you leave, to to the airport and move your flight up’.

“And then she says, ‘You don’t care that you won’t see me again?’, ‘No, I can’t even walk up those f***ing stairs again without thinking of that. So no not seeing you’.

“‘I wasn’t even functioning babe, there’s no excuses! And I understand we’re over but we should talk’, and he responds, ‘Nows not the time, all I’ll do is cuss you out’.

“She responds, ‘I miss you everyday and I hate myself so much. If I ever look happy in the coming months, I’m faking it. I just want you back’.


“And then she keeps texting him, ‘You called Leah?! I didn’t even think you were on speaking terms with her. How could you. I’m a good person and you want to ruin me’.

“And he says, ‘Oh f*** off I walked in on you getting,’ I don’t know what it says because it’s blurred out, ‘by my homie in my own house. I’m about to block you’. And that’s when the message ends.”

These explosive text messages were made public just moments before Ali’s season of The Bachelorette premiered last night.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O show yesterday, Ali didn’t deny the claims that she had allegedly cheated on Grant, however, she said that she had wished that it had stayed private.

“I think everyone has a past, and I’ve chosen not to address it or, I don’t want to give it any oxygen because it’s private and I thought it would stay in that relationship,” revealed Ali.

“But obviously he wants to ride this wave with me and he’s making the most of it so good on him.”


Ali is currently trying to find love on The Bachelorette, while Grant told us that he’s moving on in his own way, having moved apartments since allegedly finding a friend “going down on her” on his stairs.

“I actually did move into a bigger place up the hall from mine so it’s a different set of stairs,” said Grant.

What a messy, messy break up! Let’s hope for the sake of both Ali and Grant that this is the last of it and they can both properly move on now.

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