If you look at their Instagram accounts at the moment it looks like the latest couple to walk out of the Bachelorette mansion, Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley are completely in love.

But according to a show insider, heartbreak could be heading Ali’s way once again after her third shot at finding love on a reality dating show, with reports that Taite’s heart is not in the right place.

Bachelorette Crew Member claims ali oetjen and taite radley are about to break up

According to WHO Magazine, Taite Radley never planned to be the winner of the show and actually wanted to be the one left heartbroken in the finale in order to set himself up to be the next Bachelor.

A crew member from the show has allegedly told the publication that Taite’s plan was to push Ali into the arms of Todd King in order to make sure he became the runner-up.


“Taite is a fantastic manipulator,” said the production insider.

“He only wanted to make it to the final two. He made it very clear from the start that while he knew winning the show is good for your pubic profile, becoming the heartbroken reject who gets a second chance is even better.”

The insider continued to say that this is why it seemed like Taite was suddenly getting cold feet in the final week of the show.

Ali had made it clear that she was looking for a serious commitment and was ready to get married and have kids, but towards the end Taite began expressing doubts and saying he wasn’t one hundred percent ready to settle down.


“He started pushing her away,” the crew member alleged.

“[But] the guy worked in a bank. Out of everyone on the show, she believed he had the right intentions and that she could trust his word.”

This comes after leaked text messages said to be between Taite and Geordie Shore Australia star Dee Nguyen seemed to prove that he had only signed up for the show in a bid to find fame.


It’s reported that the 28-year-old bank manager had actually applied for numerous reality shows and was known to be one of the “most fame-hungry contestants” on set.

“He often called meetings with crew to make sure they knew he was playing the game and was happy to be steered in whichever direction they needed the show to go in,” continued the insider.


“He was amicable and saw himself as part of the team to win ratings.”

So is Taite and Ali’s relationship all for show? We really hope not! All that poor girl wants is love and god damn after three reality dating shows she deserves it!

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