In a recent interview, Shannon from this season of The Bachelor opened up about her struggle with depression while she was in the mansion.

Shannon, 25, spoke with TV WEEK and revealed ‘I was struggling with depression in the house.’

‘I had quite a bit of anxiety. I found it difficult, and the more it went on and the closer I got to the girls, the behaviour in the house got more intense, so I became more anxious.’

This season, the catfighting in the house has overshadowed the quest for love and it had a negative effect on her. 

‘The fighting had a bad mental effect on me.

‘I have a peaceful life outside the mansion. I’m not used to anything that affects my mindset so much.’


To help, Shannon began writing.

‘I write a lot, so I turned to that during the tough times,’ she explains.

‘But I ended up isolating myself in a way, which wasn’t great either.’


But being surrounded by beautiful women every day did not help with her insecurities.

‘It dents the confidence a bit.

‘Everyone has their up and down days, but the situation in the house is extreme, so everything is amplified. But I learnt more about myself than ever.’

In a statement to TV WEEK, Warner Bros, the production company behind The Bachelor Australia, said all contestants are offered assistance throughout the show.

‘Participants have access to an open line of discussion with a psychologist at any time they choose before, during and in the months after production,’ the statement read.

If you know anyone having difficulty or suicidal thoughts, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14,; or visit

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