When the Bachelor final two came in studio this morning, everyone was stalking their body language, trying to get a clue about who would be the one to win Matty J’s heart.

Both Laura and Elise stayed pretty stealth, which made it difficult for us to gauge who stole Matty’s heart.

Thinking to myself is there a cheeseboard in my future? #thebachelorau #thebachelorau2017

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Jackie asked the girls, ‘What made you want to do this show? Because you’re both lovely girls, good-looking girls, surely there are guys out there that you would…’

Laura cut her off, ‘Have you ever tried dating in Sydney?’

Elise also answered, ’I think I was about to turn 30 and it was like an…’


‘Ain’t nothing wrong with being 30, babe!’ Laura chimed in.

‘… I think it was like an early life crisis and I thought ‘sh*t! this is my last chance.’

‘It’s a gruelling process to go through something like The Bachelor…’ Jackie asked.

‘Prior to doing it, you can never be mentally prepared for what it’s going to be, so as much as everyone’s like, ‘you chose to be on the show’, you just don’t know what you’re in for.

‘No-one can prepare you for that. I mean, I have no regrets doing it, but would I do it again? Probably not.’

Hmmm… is there a clue there?

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