Richie Strahan has already tied the knot with the winner of The Bachelor in a stop secret beachside ceremony in Bali, according to reports.

Rumours of engagement started weeks ago with contestants Megan Marx and Georgia Tripos both dropping hints about him having a ‘fiancee.’

Megan had an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald following her exit from the show and said ‘’’I would say no [to meeting up with Richie], I am sure his girlfriend or fiancée, who knows, would not be happy with that.’

It didn’t stop there, however, with Georgia also letting slip she was excited to go for a drink with Richie and his ‘fiancee.’

‘I can’t wait for him and his fiancee and me and my new boyfriend to go and have drinks together,’ she said.

New Weekly magazine had reported that Richie has gone on a secret work trop in an attempt for everyone to be thrown of the wedding scent.

‘Richie is struggling to keep tight-lipped, so he’s had to disappear for a while,’ one source told the publication. 


Former Bachelorette contestant Michael Turnbull also told the magazine he had heard Richie is engaged.

Seven beauties are still left in the competition for Richie’s heart.

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