Nick Cummins’ disappointing season of The Bachelor is barely cold but we’re already hearing reports that the next Australian Bachelor has already been cast and once again it’s a known personality.

Despite reports that Channel Ten might be looking to cast new talent for their next season of the reality dating show like they did with Tim Robards or Sam Wood, we’re now hearing rumours that they’re looking at someone from their own camp.

According to Confidential, Channel Ten presenter and host of hit program The Loop, Scott Tweedie, has been “offered” the role now that he’s newly single following his breakup with model Georgia Berg.

Reports Channel Ten presenter scott tweedie has been ‘offered’ the role of the bachelor

The publication is reporting that producers of The Bachelor are very keen to sign up the handsome Studio Ten reporter and a ‘source’ close to the 30-year-old has confirmed that he has been approached for the role by Channel Ten executives.


“When they found out that Scott was single, they were straight to him with an offer to be the next Bachelor,” reported Confidential.

“Scott is already comfortable in front of the camera, he is very different to the recent guys who have been on the show.”

But will Scott accept this rose? An insider has said that Scott has some doubts about taking on the role, saying that he is fearful about how it could affect his career. And well, seeing how it took a toll on Nick Cummins’ reputation, we’re not all too surprised.

“Scott would be great but I doubt he will do it. He doesn’t seem very keen,” a friend of the reporter has claimed. “He has worked pretty hard to get where he is and this could impact his future.”


Since the rumours came out Channel Ten has released a pretty generic statement about the matter, saying that no decision has been made on their future Bachelor.

“Casting for The Bachelor Australia is open,” they said in a statement.

So we won’t take this as something set in stone as of yet, so if you’re a single guy out there and keen to meet the love of your life you can still go and apply for the main role.

But hey, we sure as heck wouldn’t be disappointed if Scott did land the role. This guy is damn easy on the eyes.


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