The favourite to win Richie Strahan’s heart is not happy.

Nikki Grogan looks to be intimidated by Alex Nation, as she watches her love rival teasing a blindfolded Richie in a new promotion for the show.

Grogan is left speechless after a group of hopefuls are played a video of Alex caressing and kissing Richie on the cheek.

Olena speaks up about the incident saying that Alex ‘’loves him. Nikki had no words, she was very upset.’’

A determined Nikki seems to forget the other girls and focus on her relationship with Richie.

“I just need to focus on what Richie and I have going on…This is not a game, Richie is not a game,” she said.

Nothing ever stops with just one bit of a drama in The Bachelor, though, with Rachael appearing to put the pressure on Nikki to go home, saying ‘’’Rach did say, ‘You’re a single mum… What’s the point in you being here?”’ she said. 


“She pretty much told me to go home. Having someone question why I’m here, yeah, it sucked.”

In the new video, Richie looked as though he shared a special moment with Rachael.

He told her: “When I’m with you, I feel like I’m not talking to a girl, I’m talking to a woman.”

The Bachelor airs at 7:30PM, Channel Ten on Wednesday and Thursday night.

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