The Bachelor’s Richie Strahan recently admitted that he hadn’t proposed to his winner during the show’s pre-filmed finale in Bali.

However, according to NW magazine, the rope technician may have told a little fib, with a source telling the publication the 31-year-old did get down on one knee.

Richie apparently popped the question even though he had been struggling to decide which girl to choose, with the Bachelor shedding tears moments before making his big decision.

‘The truth is he loved both girls,’ they said about his struggle between the final two. 

‘Richie was in deep with both girls – there were tears shed,’ they added.

The insider goes on to say that after Richie had proposed, the couple spent the night at the Sofitel Nusa Dua Beach Resort where they were visibly head over heels with each other.

‘This is the fairytale ending they both dreamed of,’ the source added. 


There are only three girls left with Nikki, Olena and single mother Alex all possibilities.

And, just in case you think they are already over.. Richie told NewsCorp he had seen his new girl plenty of times, and there had been ‘secret hideaways, secret cars and secret rendezvous so it has been another unique and exciting component that I’ve experienced’.

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