Our latest Bachelor Matt Agnew will likely hold the record for kissing the most girls by the time his season is done but according to some reports, he actually goes further than that.

According to New Idea, a source told them that Matt actually slept with one of the girls during filming. And in even juicier news, they claimed that it wasn’t the girl that he picked at the end.

“We’re also told that the handsome astrophysicist even beds one of them and it’s not the woman he ends up picking at the final rose ceremony,” the source claimed.

Now we’ll admit, the sexual tension that Matt has with a number of the girls on this season could be cut with a freaking knife.

But does he actually take one back to his Bach pad while filming is still going?


Kyle and Jackie O decided to get to the bottom of the rumour while speaking with Matt on air this morning.

“By the way, where we’re up to watching last night, had you already had sex with one of them by that stage, even though we haven’t seen it on TV?” Kyle asked.

“Mate look, I hate to be a disappointment Kyle, but it just can’t happen,” Matt explained. “I wish I could tell you Kyle but it just doesn’t happen.

“There’s just no way anything like that can go down. It’s just very heavy scrutiny.”

So what we’re taking from this is that he may have wanted to get down and dirty but with all the crew and cameras constantly on them, there was never an appropriate opportunity!

In fact, Matt explained that he actually has a minder during the three months of filming who’s entire job is to basically stick by his side 24/7!


The minder should now be known as the professional cockblocker we reckon…

Hear our full chat with Matt Agnew in the video above!

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