She’s the favourite to win Richie Strahan’s heart on The Bachelor, but a curse could ruin her chances.

Being the ‘first date’ on the show has haunted every woman on every series of The Bachelor WORLDWIDE.

No contestant has ever been asked on the very first date and won the show, at all.

The closest we have got in the Australian Version was when Blake Garvey asked student Jessica Jones to be his first date, but she was eliminated in the final four.

The same thing happened in Sam Woods’s season, with Sarah Mackay being dropped out at the same stage.

In the US version, the first date is constantly in the final ten of the show but then loses out very quickly after.

Host of The Bachelor Osher Ginsberg said Nikki shouldn’t be too worried ‘’She and Richie got off to a cracking start, and she’s becoming more emotionally invested every day. 


‘ I’m not taking notes as to when people say they’re in love, but I am very happy for her regardless.’

Nikki’s credentials have been getting better and better with Bachelor Richie, especially after this week’s episodes, when she was described as ‘the perfect match.’

The Bachelor continues, Wednesday night at 7:30 pm on Ten.

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