WARNING – Content May be triggering for some people

We already knew that Brittany Hockley from the Bachelor was a brave woman. After opening up and putting her heart on the line during The Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor, only to have her heart crushed in the explosive finale, we truly admired her courage.

But the bravery that Brittany showed when posting a very personal and very eye-opening message on social media earlier this week exceeds all of this.

On Monday, Brittany posted a very raw message to her Instagram account, opening up about her terrifying struggles with eating disorders.

The 30-year-old was speaking about her love for health and fitness now, but revealed that when she was a teenager she had an unhealthy relationship with food.

“You know, I’ve always been into exercise and fitness,” she wrote alongside a photo of her at Bronte Beach in Sydney.

“But I haven’t always been healthy and had a great relationship with food.”


Brittany explained that she would barely eat anything, and when she did, she would exercise extensively.

“When I was a teenager I used to be scared of eating anything bad. I had this idea that skinny meant healthy and that it was the only way to be ‘attractive’. I barely ate anything and worked out every day. If I ate something ‘bad’ I’d literally put my joggers on and go for a run.”

She admitted to hiding her eating habits from her parents and would sometimes tell them she’d already eaten at a friend’s house.

But Brittany didn’t actually realise how bad the situation was until she ended up in hospital.


“I did this until I had a seizure one day in front of my sister and woke up in hospital,” she continued.

It was her dad that explained to her that she was severely anaemic and vowed to watch her eat to make sure that things didn’t get even worse. This was Brittany’s wake up call and she says that she has now completely changed her relationship with food.

“Food is life!! I am strong, fit and healthy and I eat whatever I want, in moderation, because life is about balance,” she continued in the post.

“I wish I had someone to tell me these things when I was a teenager. That food is amazing, gives you energy and isn’t something to be scared of. That exercise is good for your soul and not just your body.”

Brittany concluded by saying that she was sharing her story in the hopes that her experience could help those going through similar struggles.

Thank you for sharing your story Brit!


Anyone seeking support can contact The Butterfly Foundation National Helpline on 1800 334 673 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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