If you’re thinking, ‘*sigh*, when are we going to hear the last of Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins and his horrific season of The Bachelor?’, the answer is probably never because seriously we’re never going to get over the way that this season ended.

In case you somehow missed it, last week saw The Bachelor end with the most controversial finale episode ever after Nick Cummins spectacularly dumped both of the final girls, Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman, telling them he couldn’t commit to either of them wholeheartedly.

The reason why nick cummins really eliminated cass wood

Speaking with Lisa Wilkinson on The Sunday Project after the devastating finale in a pre-recorded interview (seeing as Nick is currently not actually in the country) Nick attempted to justify his decision to choose no one.

“It was just like, you know what? Out of respect to these women, if I can’t stand here right now and say ‘I’m picking her, and I love her’, if I can’t say that, why would I start something with someone?”, said Nick.

And while most of Australia felt angered by the way Nick handled things in the finale and during his explanation of it all, it’s almost nothing compared to the anger and heartbreak that the nation felt for one Cassandra Wood.


The girl who fell completely head over heels for Nick only to have her heart smashed into a thousand pieces on National television.

It became apparent early on in the season that Cass and Nick knew each other before the show and actually dated briefly, meaning that Cass’ for Nick were stronger than most in the Bachelor mansion.

While Cass hoped she’d make it all the way until the end, Nick chose to eliminate her straight after hometown visits, leaving both her and all of Australia heartbroken. And while Nick didn’t really give her a reason for the break up at the time, it’s since been revealed that Nick may have had an ulterior motive in letting her go so late in the series.

Reports Cass Wood Could Be The Next Bachelorette


According to Woman’s Day, a source has claimed that Nick was attempting to set up Cass as one of the season favourites that Australia resonated with, so that she could become the next Bachelorette.

“Overnight, the 23-year-old became Australia’s sweetheart, and Nick was hoping that would happen. He thinks she should be the next Bachelorette – and Ten agrees,” claimed Woman’s Day.

It would make sense seeing as Channel 10 choosing heartbroken past contestants as their leading men and women appears to be a bit of a trend. (Sam Frost, Matty J, and our current Bachelorette Ali Oetjen just to name a few).

So let’s see if this actually happens! We have to say, we’d LOVE to see Cassie finally find her soul mate! We’ll be writing this one in our dream diary.

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