You know how when a movie ends, there’s sometimes a scene in the credits that leaves you hanging on the EDGE OF YOUR SEAT, because you know it means there’ll HAVE to be a follow-up movie?

Some films do it REALLY well, and leave you on a dizzying high full of wonder and longing – before you realise it’ll be 18 months before you get your answer.



Fast and the Furious do it well, hellooooo Letty! Now, Suicide Squad have done the SAME THING to us – only HEAPS of people are missing it because it comes right in the MIDDLE of the credits!

So, in case you missed it – here’s what happens! Right in the middle of the (very colourful) credits, Viola Davis’ character Amanda and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne character show up on the screen.

The pair are having a VERY important and private discussion in an empty restaurant.

Amanda, the one who put together the Suicide Squad, asks for Bruce’s help and “protection” in covering up the damage done to Midway City during the movie.

In return, Amanda gives him files on more “meta-humans.” We see some familiar faces like Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), some of the guys who will later make up the Justice League.

Bruce thinks he’s the one who has got the upper hand in this conversation, but he’s dead wrong.


Bruce says that the reason he wants the information on these “meta-humans” is because he’s looking for friends.

“I don’t believe in friendship, I believe in leverage,” she responds. “You look tired. You should stop working nights.” Bruce says back to her, “If you don’t shut it down someone will do it for you.”

What does it mean? Well, Amanda TOTALLY knows that Bruce is Batman, and it’s his biggest secret.

What we don’t know if whether she’ll use the information against him or not? The credits scene appears to just be teasing the upcoming Justice League movie, but we have a feeling this little meeting means something much more.

Eeeeeeeekkkk!! SO GOOD!

Source: Hollywood Life

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