One of the world’s biggest fitness brands has revealed they will not be adding a plus-sized section to their range.

Lorna Jane Clarkson, the founder behind the billion dollar fitness wear empire Lorna Jane, said the company would not venture into plus-sized gym wear because it is not what her customers want.

‘If we were going to try a larger size, we would sell them in a store that demanded larger sizes, but that hasn’t resulted in sales for us,’ Ms Clarkson told

‘Our brand is totally customer focused, and we haven’t felt the demand for bigger sizes,’ she said. 

‘But we have tried it and not sold it,’ she added.

However, the company is willing to add a plus-range, if and when the customers demand it.

The brand currently only stocks sizes XXS to XL.


The Lorna Jane brand is currently worth more than $2 billion and spans over 200 stores around the world.

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