Are you a drunk texter? Come on! Don’t deny it. You know as well as I do that a certain ex of yours often receives a flurry of texts as soon as you start sipping on those espresso martinis.

You know it’s wrong, you know no good can come of it, but you just can’t help it!

The shame of your busy texting fingers is much worse than any hangover you could be suffering the next day – so how can you stop it?

Without being all dramatic and deleting your ex’s number, there is in fact a way that you can protect yourself from falling into the same trap.

It’s called Drunk Mode, a free app that helps prevent the drunk dial shame by blocking you from calling specific contacts in your phone during those late nights out.

All you need to do is set your phone to ‘drunk mode’ and choose the particular numbers you want to ban yourself from dialing or texting.

The app works by producing a preemptive shield against your unnecessary messages, making those contacts un-dialable for up to 12 hours.


If you want to get your phone off drunk mode, it’s not as simple as swiping it on or off. Instead, you have to answer a “Drunk Quiz” math question. Once you do answer the question, it unlocks the set of blocked contacts.

The app also has cool features like ‘Find My Ride’, which directs you to services like Uber and ‘Breadcrumbs’, which helps you to figure out where you went during your wild night out. You can also find lost fellow Drunk Mode user by activating the ‘Find My Drunk’ feature.

So what are you waiting for?!

Source: Bustle

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