We all remember Justine Sacco, the PR executive who was fired over a racist tweet she sent out.

Then there was the pizza girl, who complained about her job in such a way that her boss sent her on her way as soon as she returned from delivering a pizza.

Yes, it seems that what we tweet can land us in more trouble that we often think.

So what can we do about this?

You can download an app called ‘Clear’, which uses an algorithm and word-search function to find potentially damning activity from your twitter history. The goal being for the app to alert the user to any potentially inflammatory posts so that the user can delete it before it could be seen by an employer.

The creator, Ethan Czahor is a victim of a twitter-related issue, where he lost out on his dream opportunity due to his history of offensive tweets, so he wanted to make sure no-one else suffered the same fate – and to serve as a reminder that everything we put online stays there forever.

Source: Elite Daily

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