What exactly IS this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thingo!?

Thousands of people across the world have been getting involved – including hundreds of celebrities (see below) – but it’s all for a good cause.

Basically, people are pouring a bucket of ice water on themselves to raise money for the ALS Association. 

What is the ALS foundation, you ask?

Well, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a disease which affects the brain and spinal cord – motor neurons degenerate and die which makes it increasingly difficult to move muscles.

When the muscles aren’t used enough, they stop working and atrophies. In the later stages, sufferers can become totally paralysed.

There is no known cause for the disease, and no known cure.


But since the ice bucket challenge began, the ALS Association announced it had received over $13.3 million in donations from over 250 000 people – compared to $1.7 million during the same three week period last year…

So it’s working!