If you had to leave a relationship, like right now, could you swing it, financially-speaking?

On Thursday, Yumi opened up to Monty on the 3pm Pick Up about the immediate costs she had to bear when she found she had to leave her relationship.

“Back then, I reckon I needed about $12,000,” Yumi admitted.

“To put a deposit on a rental place, to buy my own car, to pay for everything like internet, phone, kid’s uniforms… you just need a bunch of money immediately.”

“There’s nothing you can do, if you don’t have the money, you’re stuck, you’re in prison.”

Yumi asked Monty whether her parents had split up when she was younger, to which Monty said they had.  

“So, you know what it’s like when the woman needs to move on, it costs SO MUCH to leave a marriage or de facto relationship,” she said.


Yumi then recalled something her auntie had: a “running away account”.

“Just in case you ever need to run away,” she said.

She then dropped a clanger.

While she previously needed about 12-grand to leave, she estimated that now, the immediate cost would’ve since completely blown out.

“I reckon you need about $30,000,” she deadpanned.

You could hear Monty almost losing her damn mind.


“Oh God, where am I gonna get that from?”

Yumi suggested that Monty should open a secret bank account where she can funnel cash into it without her husband knowing.

You know, just in case.




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