We’ve always been told the things we should eat to get us going in the bedroom, but never what we shouldn’t! 

We have a list here of the specific foods that can actually impact your sex drive in a negative way according to nutritionist Elouise Bauskis, who spoke to the Daily Mail

What you will find surprising however is that even though some of these items are good for us generally, they are classified as anti-aphrodisiacs! 

These are 12 foods to steer clear of! 

1. Cheese

It tastes so good though, you say! Yes it does, however it is a libido killer. Dairy in general is difficult to congest and mucus-producing, therefore giving you a sluggish feeling… not a sexy one.

2. Beans

Okay so this is a little obvious. Beans can lead to bloating and flatulence, things you don’t want to have to deal with in the bedroom.

3. Hot Dogs

Processed foods are not good for you or your libido. Hot dogs are HIGHLY processed and can clog up the vbaginal and penile arteries… doesn’t sound attractive, does it?

4. Peppermint

Peppermint has been shown to reduce testosterone levels, sending your sex drive down the drain! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. 

5. French Fries

Same as the hot dogs, overly processed food, not good! Even though it feels good while you are eating them, you will notice your energy levels will plummet very quickly, leaving you in a slump and not in the mood for some action. 

6. Tofu

Tofu and Soya products contain Phytoestrogens, so if you eat too much of them it can decrease your testosterone levels. 

7. Oatmeal 

The high fibre in oatmeal is good for your digestive system… but usually make you gassy. Not ideal for in the bedroom.

8. Broccoli

Broccoli is a great vegetable that assists the body with detoxing, however is rich in phytochemicals that lead to the decrease of excess oestrogen in the body. Other than this Broccoli is great for your body! 

9. Red Meat

It depends on the type of person you are. Some find red meat energising and brings out their inner animal. However others, find it sits heavily in their stomach, making them feel lethargic.

10. Tonic Water

Tonic water contains Quinine, which is used as an antimalarial agent, but has also been linked to decreasing sexual function. 

11. Black Liquorice

This has been know to lower testosterone levels. Long story short, the more testosterone in your body the stronger the sexual desire, for both men and women. 

12. Chocolate

You need to choose your chocolate carefully. Dark chocolate is the best type of chocolate you can consume, as it is high in antioxidants. As well as phenylethylamine the same chemical that the body produces when you first fall in love. Otherwise if you consume too much of the bad stuff, the sugar levels will leave you down in the dumps. 

Source: Daily Mail

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