Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a contestant on The Bachelor?

Well wonder no more because a woman who auditioned for this year’s season, which stars Richie Strahan as The Bachelor, has spilled the beans.

On a whim the woman (who wants to remain nameless) decided to attend auditions for the hit show.

She has revealed that the prospective contestants are really put through their paces and in true reality TV style, every aspect of their private lives is discussed in front of big groups of other women who are also applying.

After introducing themselves the women are required to give the lady next to them a compliment and must then launch into either a happy story or a sad story, depending on where they are in the room.

They are then asked if their friend won the lottery with a ticket that they had given her, would they expect her to share the winnings? They are instructed to stand on the side of the room they agree with, and are then told to debate each other.


They must also debate whether or not Muslim prayer should be introduced into AFL footy grounds.

Bizarrely in the middle of this emotional debate, the women are then asked to stop everything and dance to Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ at 9am on a Thursday morning.

After the random dancing wraps up, the group splits into pairs and each woman must insult the other.

Adjudicators observe the whole time and keep taking notes.

Hopeful contestants are also asked to reveal their cup size when they are auditioning.

This year’s season kicks off on July 27th.


Source The Daily Mail

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